100% Bamboo Towel Sets 







Décor Classics has taken another step towards providing eco-friendly items to the Australian market with the introduction of bamboo towel sets to its extensive product list.  These towels are made from 100% bamboo fibre.

Décor Classics was encouraged to join in this venture by its associate in the United States who refined the process with 100% bamboo fibre being used for the making of the towels. Whilst there are few companies in Australia selling bamboo and cotton mixed towels, the manufacture of the towels using only bamboo is new to the Australian market.  

If you have never tried bamboo towels, you owe to yourself to try these bamboo towels.  They are unbelievably soft, even after many washes.

If you are unfamiliar with bamboo textiles, they have the following benefits:-  





 Eco-Friendly Cultivation



Naturally Anti-Microbal



Highly WaterAbsorbent and Fast Drying



Energy Saving


Bamboo Towels are amazingly soft even after repeated washing they remain softer than the finest of cotton towels.

Bamboo requires very little attention when grown, and is typically cultivated without the use of herbicides or pesticides.  Harvesting bamboo leaves the root of the plant alive, thereby preventing erosion.


Textiles made from bamboo fibres resist the growth of bacteria, mildew, fungus and other microbes.  This means that towels stay fresher for longer between washings.



Because of the structure of the individual bamboo fibres (long hollow tubes) bamboo textiles are highly absorbent and are fast drying.  Bamboo towels absorb as much as three times the water as a similar weight cotton towel, and dry twice as fast.


Bamboo towels will save you money on your utility bills.  Not only will you save water washing them less often because they stay fresher for longer between washes, but since you wash them in cold water only, and they dry super fast when you do wash them, you save energy on both the wash and the dry cycle.


                      The Towel Sets comprise of:-towel_colours.jpg

1 Bath Towel - 70cm x 140cm

1 Hand Towel - 40cm x 76cm

1 Face Washer - 30cm x 30cm





                                        (Lavender and Cream currently not available)






Care Instructions for your Towels 


*  Machine Wash on gentle cycle with cold water

*  Tumble dry on low heat

*Wash with like colours

*Do not use fabric softeners

*Do not bleach

*Occasionally, you might notice a few loose threads or enlarged loops.  Simply trim these to the same level as the rest of the loops with sharp scissors to prevent your towel being damaged.