Wicker/Water Hyacinth/Owol/Kubu Collection



Love Seat in honey coloured wicker with cushioning in Warwick – Trinket – Cherry

 Only available as illustrated.





  Woven Rattan in honey coloured stain featuring Two Arm Chairs and

  Sofa with matching Coffee Table.


  Only available in stain and fabric as illustrated.





 A more traditional designed setting available from Décor Classics is the “Sharmain”. 

This setting features a criss-cross design (using double rattan core) on the sides and backs of the chairs,   with single rattan core wicker on the arms and top of the chairs.  The “Sharmain” range is available in single arm chairs, two seaters and three seaters, and matching coffee tables and side tables are also available with your selection of cane colour and colour of cushion fabric.


   Décor Classics has recently introduced a stunning but simple design made using rattan core to their range  of cane furniture.  The “Olga” design can be manufactured in arm chairs, two seaters or three seaters and matching coffee tables with your selection of stains (featured setting is Natural Brown Wash).

   Also the “Olga” setting can be manufactured using other materials such as single or double pitrit weave,  water hyacinth, banana leaf, or can also be manufactured in synthetic materials for outdoor use.  Please contact Décor Classics for further information in this case.


The “Francene” design has been available from Décor Classics for some time.  This design features the use of single and double pitrit weave and is complimented with wooden features on the arms of the chairs which suits period properties and yet The “Francene’ setting is available in single arm chairs, two seater or three seater and matching coffee table with your selection of stains.  (featured in photo is Honey Brown Wash Stain)


Décor Classics can also have the “Francene” design manufactured using core rattan, banana leaf, or in if setting is required for outdoor use in synthetic materials. 


Décor Classics has been overwhelmed by the demand of their newly introduced design – the “Alicia” setting.  The “Alicia” is an eye catching design. It is available in single arm chairs, two seater or three seater and matching coffee table with your selection of stains.

Illustrated is the "Alicia" in rattan core with honey brown wash stain.

The “Alicia” can also be manufactured using single or double pitrit weave, water hyacinth, banana leaf, or in synthetic materials for durability for outdoor use.