Décor Classics are proud to introduce you to our imported ranges of cane (rattan), wicker, seagrass, owol, banana leaf and water hyacinth furniture.


Rattan Pole Collection

Our rattan pole collection can be made using either “Manau” Cane or Mandola Cane.  Manau cane is also known as the “King of Cane”.  It is universally recognised as the highest quality cane available and comes from the jungles of Malaysia and Indonesia.  Manau cane has an attractive surface and is both durable and flexible.  It also has high water resistance and a tight tissue arrangement, which prevents splitting.

Ashlee_Lounge_Set.JPGOur settings are built in the traditional way of dowelled bases in the chairs and sofas, (i.e. no webbing and no pine or wood bracing and supports), and the stress areas are all bound with either leather or rattan depending on your choice.

The designs of our suites are extensive, however, if the design you require is not available in our range then we may be able to manufacture to your design whether it be the design or cane colour etc.




Wicker/Seagrass/Owol/Water Hyacinth/Kubu Collection

This range of furniture is made in our Indonesian factory, and again, we use the best of raw materials and our skilled tradespersons manufacture our distinctive designs to the highest quality.  Styles from this Diana_Love_Seat.jpgfactory will vary quite regularly.



Cushioning for the rattan pole collection is made in Australia and we use only the best products in fabrics and foam padding.  Fabric choices are endless from suppliers such as Warwick,  Zepel, Simonson and Rowe.